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8 Food & Supplement Choices for Your Senior Pup

8 Food & Supplement Choices for Your Senior Pup

As our beloved furry companions age, their nutritional needs change, requiring us to make thoughtful adjustments to their diets. Ensuring that our senior pups receive the right balance of nutrients is essential for their overall health, vitality, and quality of life. Whether your senior pooch has specific dietary requirements, or you simply want to provide the best nutrition possible for a happy and healthy golden age, we guarantee that one of these paw-some selections will help your four-legged friend thrive in their later years.

1. Nutro Products Pate Chicken, Lamb & Salmon Entrée, $92.81

Created specifically for senior dogs, this Nutro Ultra Holistic Superfood Paté works to provide the ideal balance of holistic nutrition and an irresistible taste for dogs. Complete with real veggies and fruit, this wet food will have your dog begging for more!

2. Nupro Joint Supplement (5 lbs), $79.70

Formulated for senior dogs, this Nupro Joint Supplement works to promote optimal health and resiliency of joints, muscles and connective tissues.

3. Himalayan Dog Churro Water Buffalo Chew (12PK), $50.61

As your pup ages, chewing may become harder and harder. Thanks to these Himalyan Dog Chews, they won’t have to miss out on tasty treats in their golden years. These chews are naturally healthy and easily digestible, with a soft density, perfect for your senior pooch.

4. VetriScience, Dog Glycoflex (60 Tablets), $46.20

This clinically proven joint supplement is available in a tasty chewable tablet that works to maintain comfort and mobility, specifically in senior dogs. This new formula focuses in on hip and joint care with active ingredients such as glucosamine, perna, and DMG for maximal nutritional benefit.

5. Nutro Products, Wholesome Essentials Chicken, Brown Rice & Sweet Potato Dog Food (5lbs), $38.76

Made with great-tasting chicken, whole grains, veggies and fruit, this Wholesome Essentials dry dog food is crafted to help maintain cognitive function in your pup as they age. Plus, this impressive formula includes essential antioxidants to support your dog’s aging immune system.

6. Nulo, Dog Supplement Soft Chew Hemp & Mushroom (9.5oz), $33.53

Whether it be thunderstorms, fireworks, car trips or vet visits, canine anxiety doesn’t always disappear with age. That’s why with Nulo Calming Chews, you can help keep your pup at ease, no matter what stage of life they’re in. The natural ingredients work together to help support relaxation, calmness and composure for your furry friend.

7. PetAG, Dyne Pro HG Healthy Gut Dog Nutritional Supplement, $32

Sometimes your pooch needs a little bit of something extra to help keep a pep in their step, especially while they age. This Dyne Pro HG Healthy Gut supplement provides additional calories and GI support for optimized digestion and wellness. Simply pour over your dog’s food and let them enjoy the added nutritional benefits.

8. Ark Naturals, Gentle Digest Dog Soft Chews (120 Count), $12.14

Help your furry friend work to digest their food better with these Gentle Digest Soft Chews. Perfect for restoring digestive balance that may have been interrupted, these chews work to help your pup absorb critical nutrients in their golden years.

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