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Things to Remember When Adopting a Cat

Things to Remember When Adopting a Cat

June is the month dedicated to cat adoption. If you've been considering getting a cat, now is the perfect time. Every animal deserves a loving home, and if you lead a busy life, a cat can be a low-maintenance addition to your family.

 Choosing the Right Shelter

When adopting an animal, choosing the right shelter is the most important place to start. A reportable shelter will make sure you’re getting an animal that has been well taken care of and all vet checks and vaccinations are up to date. We recommend reviewing rescues to see what other pet parents had to say about their animal care and selection experience.

 Ask Questions About the Background of the Cat

If you're planning to adopt a new cat, it's important to inquire about its background. Cats that were surrendered by their previous owners tend to be more comfortable around people and may have a calmer and more patient disposition. On the other hand, stray or feral cats may take longer to adjust to their new environment, so it's helpful to know which category your new cat falls into.

Consider the Cat's Age and Personality

 If you are searching for a cat, it’s important to consider their energy level. Do you want a cat that's full of energy or do you prefer a more laid-back, mature cat? It's always a good idea to ask questions and find out more about the cats you are interested in. This will help ensure that you select a cat that meets your expectations and aligns with your lifestyle. Keep in mind that younger cats tend to have more energy, while older, more mature cats are typically more relaxed.

Making Sure you have the Right Supplies

Before bringing home your new cat, it's important to ensure that you have all the necessary supplies. This includes a scratching post, grooming tools, a litter box, and high-quality cat dishes. Cats enjoy interactive play, so it's essential to have various options for their daily stimulation, especially if you are welcoming a younger cat. Additionally, it's recommended to have a scratching post, as it aligns with a cat's natural behavior to claw. Make sure the post is tall enough for your cat to fully stretch out.

Spay or Neuter Your New BFF

Spaying or neutering your cat can help prevent more cats and kittens from ending up in shelters. Depending on your location and the shelter from which you adopt, some SPCAs will provide this service. If not, be sure to consider this and include it in your budget when adopting your new kitty.

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