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A & E Cages Vitapol Vita Herbal 50/50 Shipper 1ea/109Pc

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The Vita Herbal line consist of nutritious complementary snacks which enrich, rodents, rabbits and small animals' everyday diet. The recipes are based solely on natural ingredients, such as vegetables, fruit, and herbs. The Vita Line, line, is supplemental feeds in the form of dietary supplements, but also bird snacks based on wild seeds. All compositions are rich in vitamins and minerals recommended for daily use for preventive purposes.

The shipper display containts the following:

8 each ZVP-2043 Vitaline Shells and Linestone Supplement 50g;
4 each ZVP-4214 Vitaline Flower Snack 50g;
4 each ZVP-4218 Vitaline Pumpkin Seeds 150g;
4 each ZVP-4219 Vitaline Forest and Orchard Fruits 150g;
4 each ZVP-4221 Vitaline Chili Pepper 40g;
4 each ZVP-4226 Vitaline Banana Chips 150g;
5 each ZVP-4250 Smakers Vitaline Paradise Small/Med 2 pk;
5 each ZVP-4251 Smakers Vitaline Super Foods Small/Med 2 pk;
5 each ZVP-4252 Smakers Vitaline Vegetable Small/Med 2 pk;
3 each ZVP-4258 Smakers Vitaline Paradise Large 2 pk;
4 each ZVP-4270 Vitaline Gourmet Cookies;
4 each AVP-4282 Vita Herbal Edible Lunch Box – PEANUT;
3 each ZVP-1047 Vita Herbal Polish Hay and Field Grass 500g;
4 each ZVP-4380 Vita Herbal Edible Lunch Box;
4 each ZVP-4101 Vita Herbal Vegetable Patch Mix 100g;
4 each ZVP-4104 Vita Herbal Herbal Mix 50g;
4 each ZVP-4122 Vita Herbal Fruit & Vegetable Mix 100g;
5 each ZVP-4340 Smakers Vita Herbal Grandmas Patch 2 pk;
5 each ZVP-4341 Smakers Vita Herbal Grandpas Patch 2 pk;
5 each ZVP-4342 Smakers Vita Herbal Red Vegetables 2 pk;
5 each ZVP-4343 Smakers Vita Herbal Broccoli-Rose 2 pk;
4 each ZVP-4130 Vita Herbal Hearts Veggie Fruit Mix 3 pk;
8 each ZVP-4330 Circle Rice Cake Treats – Vegetable;
4 each ZVP-4370 Vita Herbal Small Animal Cookies The split shipper is perfect to display the various products all in one area for customers to shop.

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