Adams Flea & Tick Collar Plus for Dogs & Puppies 1ea/2 pk

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The Adams Flea & Tick Collar Plus for Dogs & Puppies is perfect for large dogs who need relief from biting fleas, ticks and mosquitoes*. This collar kills adult fleas before they lay eggs, ticks, repels mosquitoes* for up to 6 months and prevents new flea infestations. This collar helps kill adult fleas before they lay eggs to prevent new infestations making this a great addition to your preventative regimen. Each pack contains two collars that provide continuous and long lasting prevention and protection for up to 12 months. This collar is an easy, convenient part of your flea and tick regimen to ensure you prevent an infestation before it happens. The collar is an adjustable, one size fits all dog collar and is also water resistant. The collars effectiveness will not be impaired if water were to get onto it. The active covering the surface of the collar is rubbed onto the fur of the animal and the effective solution works its way down through your dogs natural fur and hair oils across the body to protect from head-to-toe. Simply wrap the collar around your dog (slip 2 fingers flat under the collar to ensure a snug fit, but not too tight), fasten, and snip off the excess length. *Excluding California PREVENTS INFESTATIONS: Kills adult fleas before they lay eggs and adult ticks for up to 6 months|REPELS MOSQUITOES*: Repels mosquitoes* for up to 6 months (*Excluding California)|ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL: Adjustable; one-size-fits-all; just cut to size|WATER-RESISTANT: Wetting will not impair the collars effectiveness or the dogs protection from fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes* (*Excluding California)|12-MONTH PROTECTION: A full years protection with two collars in each tinDeltamethrin 4%, Pyriproxyfen 1%, Other 95.00%"


",Deltamethrin 4%, Pyriproxyfen 1%, Other 95.00%

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