Nutri-Vet Defense+ Flea & Tick for Dog 1ea/LG, 33-66 lb, 4 pk

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Nutri-Vet Defense Plus Dog Flea and Tick Prevention contains two active ingredients to protect your dog (33-66 lbs) and your home from nasty fleas and ticks. Among the best flea and tick control for dogs, this convenient and easy to apply topical dog flea and tick prevention also fights mosquitoes, lice and mites to keep your dog safe and itch-free. This dog flea and tick prevention kills five different kinds of pest on dogs. Use the flea and tick treatment for dogs on large dogs 12 weeks of age or older. Protect your dog from flea and tick infestation with this dog flea and tick prevention! Bonus pack - 4-month supply package.

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