Petsafe Cat Zoom Laser Cat Toy

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The Zoom Rotating Laser Cat Toy has 2 lasers instead of 1 so multiple cats can play together—no sharing required! The 2 lasers rotate 360 degrees to create fun patterns that are visually interesting and challenging to catch. Just press the button to start playtime and watch the pouncing begin! The Zoom operates with quiet movements so even your most timid cats can enjoy chasing the fun play patterns. To keep your cats from being overstimulated and to preserve battery life, the Zoom Rotating Laser Cat Toy automatically turns itself off after 15 minutes. Your pet deserves the best. Trust PetSafe® to help keep your pet healthy, safe and happy. Features Best cat laser toy for multi-cat households 2 lasers rotate 360 degrees to create pounce-worthy play patterns Hands-free operation for independent playtime Moves quietly so even timid cats can play Uses 2 Class IIIa lasers for a safe play experience Requires 3 alkaline AA batteries (sold separately)

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