SENTRY Behavior Calming Spray for Cats 1ea-1.62 oz

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The patented pheromone in the calming spray mimics a natural neonatal pheromone that reduces anxiety in a new or stressful environment. In scientific studies, this pheromone has been proven to modify both the behaviors and physiology brought on by stress. Clinical testing showed that the pheromone even reduced pets? elevated heart rates when exposed to noises and activities that create anxiety.

It is an excellent choice for temporary stressful situations such as trips to the veterinarian, groomer or new visitors. It helps make cats feel secure and safe at home and on the go.

Key Benefits
Clinically proven patented pheromone reduces or completely eliminates stress and anxiety, making cats feel safe and secure at home and on the go
Alleviates problem behaviors such as inappropriate marking, excessive meowing, and scratching
Eases stressful situations such as trips to the veterinarian, groomer, new visitors, introducing a new cat to the home, thunderstorms, fireworks, and car rides
Easy to use spray releases a pheromone that mimics the natural neonatal pheromone released by mama cats
Pleasant, soothing lavender chamomile fragrance

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