Tall Tails

Tall Tails Dog Mountain Lion Crunch Squeak Crinkle 9 Inches

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Continue the adventure with Tall Tails Crunch Mountain Lion Toy! Throw crunch crinkle snugglerepeat this plush toy is made with you and your pup in mind! Fashioned for endless interactive play and cuddles your pup will crunch crinkle and squeak with utter delight with our Crunch Toy Collection. Mean while they'll be kept mentally physically and audibly stimulated. Not to mention they also provide great bonding opportunities for pet parents when used in interactive play. Playtime is a core pillar of your dog's overall health and wellness. We recommend making time every day for interactive play between you and your dog. Playtime together reinforces the special bond you share with your furry friend and provides your dog with the vital stimulation and exercise they need. Our Crunch Toy Collection is designed with mental physical and auditory stimulation play in mind. made with sturdy materials stitched together with reinforced mesh fabric for reassured durability to be your pup's new favorite toy to cuddle and snuggle with.

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