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Tiki Pet Cat After Dark Whole Foods 2.8Oz Variety Pack

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Satisfy your cat’s carnivorous cravings with Tiki Cat After Dark Variety Pack Grain-Free Canned Cat Food. A selection of gourmet recipes that are carefully designed to mimic a natural prey diet, the biologically-appropriate food will keep him happy and thriving. Full of vitamins and minerals for complete and balanced nutrition, the high protein and low carb formulas are great for his energy levels and immune system. Plus, theyre high in moisture, which offers a host of health benefits—and it all comes in a variety of tasty flavors that will entice him to keep coming back for more.

Real chicken is the #1 ingredient, providing your purring pal with the nutrition he needs and the taste that he craves.
A high-protein cat food crafted with zero grains or carbohydrates .
Each meal contains nutrient-dense organ meat and shredded chicken in a whisker-licking broth.
This low-calorie cat food contains high-moisture content to give your kitty the supplemental water he needs.
Nutritionally balanced for feline friends from all life stages. br/>Sold in Qty of 1

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