Wondercide Oatmeal And Honey Shampoo Bar-4 oz.

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Wondercides Oatmeal and Honey Shampoo Bar is a beneficial cleanser for your pets sensitive skin. Aloe vera and honey keep the skin and coat healthy with gentle cleaning; conditioning; and moisture retention. THE HEALING OF HONEY. This shampoo bar contains honey; a natural humectant; meaning it attracts and retains moisture in the skin. Its also an anti-irritant; making it suitable for sensitive skin and senior pets. Aloe vera and honey used as part of a bath time regimen keep the skin and coat healthy and glowing with gentle cleaning; conditioning; and moisture retention. Dry skin has met its match. Knock off dirt and knock out dryness with this easy-to-apply; moisturizing shampoo bar that will restore your pets coat and skin to its former glory. Even the most notoriously adventurous of animals will transform from grubby to groomed before you can say Azadirachta indica. RESTORE DRY AND ITCHY SKIN. Honey and neem oil moisturize skin while oatmeal soothes; helping comfort skin conditions like hot spots; bug bites; allergies; and more. FIGHT BACK BACTERIA AND FUNGUS. Neem oil has been used for centuries as a general antiseptic. LUSH LATHER POWERED BY COCONUT OIL. Free of artificial colors; fragrances; parabens; phthalates; sulfates and synthetic pesticides. USA made* from human food-grade ingredients. A QUICK; COMFORTABLE WASH. Much easier to use than liquid shampoo when trying to clean a wriggling pet; going on easily and washing out in half the time.

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