ZippyPaws Adventure Dog Life Jacket Red 1ea/MD

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Safety First - This life jacket helps keep your dog safe in or around water. Whether your dog just isn't a strong swimmer, or would swim til she collapsed, this lifejacket will keep her afloat. Reliable Floatation - Dense foam panels keep your dog afloat and safe in the lake, river, and ocean. Increased Visibility - Bright, reflective stripes sewn into the vest help keep your dog visible to any nearby people and boats. Built In Handles - If you've ever had to pull a dog out of the water, you know how unpleasant the experience can be for both parties involved. This life jacket features BUILT IN handles, making it easy to retrieve your pup when he's in over his head. Perfect Fit - 6 available sizes: XXSmall: 6 - 10" in girth XSmall: 11 - 15" in girth Small: 16 - 20" in girth Medium: 21 - 27" in girth Large: 28 - 32" in girth XLarge: 33 - 40" in girth.

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